The Ultimate Stationary Swimming Experience Swim Tether™


Swimming with the Swim Tether™ helps build strength and burn calories, giving you the same benefit as lap swimming, but in half the time! In just a few minutes a day, you can be on your way to having a dynamic cardiovascular workout, a fit body with firm, toned muscles.

Built to last

There’s no maintenance with SWIM TETHER™. It’s designed to provide years of trouble free use. The fiber rod can be removed from the flush-mounted deck plate in seconds for easy storage. We’re so certain that our product is of the highest quality that we GUARANTEE to replace your Swim Tether™ Fiber Pole if it ever breaks or becomes un useable through normal wear and tear.

Swim Tether™ ORIGINAL

  • 3 piece assembly
  • Greater lift for less drag
  • Pool deck installation
  • Aluminum and fiber rod
  • Construction withstands all weather conditions
  • Adjustable neoprene-covered nylon belt
  • Minimum of 14 foot swim space required

Swim Tether™ Aquatic Exercise Combo ‘Complete Kit’

NYLON BELT – Neoprene covered adjustable nylon belt with 6ft cord (stretches to 14′) is designed for swimming pools. The stationary swim belt features a cam Lock buckle for easy and secure adjustment that prevents slippage. The belt also offers a neoprene sleeve to reduce chafing around the waist and a fabric-covered, elastic cord for safety and durability.
HANDLE SET – Arm and hand stretch handles for attachment to water exercise unit or ladder/hand rail assemblies.
ANKLE SET – Neoprene coated ankle straps with velcro wrap for secure closure, polycarbonate. ‘D-ring’ for attachment to bungee/shock cord spring clips.
BUNGEE/SHOCK CORDS – set of two bungee/shock cords along with spring clips for easy
attachment to ankle straps, handle sets, or nylon belt assembly.
ADAPTER PIN – Used for water exercise unit.

Row-Exercise Unit

Row, Row, Row-Exercise
With SWIMTETHERS optional ROW-EXERCISE attachments, you can train for crew or simply build endurance and upper body strength in your SWIMSPA year round.

Why Row?
Rowing is a complete body workout. It is great for building strength and simultaneously burning fat, and giving you an excellent aerobic workout. The rowing workout combines all the muscles in your legs, your buttocks, abdominals, lower back, upper back, and arms. No other exercise can give you such a complete workout. Since you’re also using a Swim Spa, you have the added benefit of water therapy and smooth operation.

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