AquaSafe Circle of Care

The Eco Friendly 90 day Water-care System

Maintain clear and fresh water for hot tubs and spas in an easy 7 step, 90 day system using natural seaweed enzymes.
  • 1 AquaSafe90 Water Care Pack

  • 2 AquaSafe Crossover Cleanser

  • 3 AquaSafe Pre-Filter

  • 4 AquaSafe Natural Spa Clarifier

  • 5 AquaSafe Ultimate Scale defence

  • 6 AquaSafe Hydro Jet Brush

  • 7 AquaSafe Aqua Filter Cleaner

After 90 days just start the process again!

1.AquaSafe90 Water Care Pack

This remarkable formula keeps your water clean, sparkling bright and fresh.

2. AquaSafe Crossover Cleanser

AquaSafe Crossover Cleanser will naturally clean away any contaminants and residues already present, deep within a spa’s plumbing and fittings.

3. AquaSafe Pre-Filter

Just attach the AquaSafe Pre-Filter to the end of a garden hose before filling spa or pool.

4. AquaSafe Natural Spa Clarifier

AquaSafe Natural Spa Clarifier outperforms other clarifiers at removing dirt and oil from spa and hot tub water.

5. AquaSafe Ultimate Scale defence

Designed especially to prevent scale formation in Hot Tubs and Spas.

6. AquaSafe HydroComb

Wash your filter weekly using the AquaSafe HydroComb attached to your hosepipe.

7. AquaSafe Filter Cleaner

Eco-Friendly, Deep Penetrating, Chemical Free Filter Cleaner.

Natural Seaweed Enzymes

The AquaSafe90 hot tub water care formula uses natural seaweed enzymes to treat your water, keeping a clean, fresh and chlorine free, healthy spa. The seaweed enzyme formula in AquaSafe90 breaks down bacteria and viruses, dissolving them away…

Good for You, Your Spa, and the Environment

Based in Bristol, UK – AquaSafe are introducing revolutionary, sustainable new approaches to purifying and testing spas and pools that gives you the clearest, cleanest, natural, water imaginable. AquaSafe products are easy to use and created for people who are sensitive to chemicals.

What our customers say

I have been using this product now for over a year and it is much better than using the chlorine type chemicals.

Great product I would never use chemicals again. The water stays crystal clear smells great and leaves you skin feeling soft and refreshing. Can’t rate this product enough. Wish I had found it earlier.

Always makes my skin nice unlike chlorine so this is my go to product for my hot tub and it keeps the water lovely 

Aqua safe is a brilliant product for keeping your hot tub clean and germ free and you have the added bonus of no harm caused to the planet…now that’s impressive!