Spa Water Filter Cartridge Cleaning Tool

Wash your filter weekly using the AquaSafe HydroComb attached to your hosepipe. Cleans an entire filter in as little as 5 minutes! The AquaSafe HydroComb is a flat handheld powerful water sprayer. It is designed to insert into the pleats of a pool or spa cartridge filter and clean out the debris that accumulates.


  • Attach AquaSafe HydroComb to hosepipe
  • Set filter on solid base, floor, etc
  • Turn on water and insert brush into filter starting at the top
  • Work brush and water flow in smooth strokes working your way down the fins to the bottom of the filter.
  • Pull AquaSafe HydroComb out, rotate the filter about 1/2 the brush width and repeat step 4
  • Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have made two full cleaning rotations
  • You are now finished, shut off water and return filter to housing

The AquaSafe HydroComb can also be used as a dog fur cleaning tool – when wash time will become fun time!


  • The Top Dog HydroComb allows you to have one hand free
  • Water action helps detangle hair
  • Your pet will be healthier, cleaner and it’s coat will appear brighter and shinier
  • Variable flow control
  • The brush can be used on all types of dogs that have medium to long hair

Wash Steps:

  • Wet your dog all over going against the hair grain for maximum cleaning effect
  • Lather up your dog with AquaSafe Enzyme Pet Shampoo
  • Then pre-rinse again going against the grain
  • The finish rinsing will be with the grain of the hair to allow hair to lay down properly
  • The final step is to dry off your dog

Your dog will love the massage action of the AquaSafe Top Dog HydroComb and wash time will become FUN TIME!